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Dr. Prabhjeet Singh

Periodontist & General Dentist

Dr. Prabhjeet Singh is a dedicated periodontist with over 15 years of experience in dentistry. He earned his Bachelor’s degree in 2008 and practiced general dentistry for five years before specializing in periodontics. Dr. Singh has worked in an army hospital in India for three years, providing comprehensive periodontal care, and he enjoys treating gum disease, placing dental implants, and performing cosmetic periodontal procedures. Currently, he is a lead clinical instructor at the Prep Doctors Institute, where he has been teaching for nearly three years.

Outside of his professional life, Dr. Singh loves spending time with his family and children, is a big-time dog lover, and has a passion for good cars and driving. At 247 King Dental, he appreciates the independent decision-making authority he has, allowing him to provide personalized care for his patients. The supportive and collaborative environment of the clinic makes his workdays enjoyable and stress-free.

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